While they might seem simple at first glance, your tyres are actually marvels of modern engineering. They are designed with special tread patterns that allow the tyre to continue to provide traction as it wears down, and the treads act as channels to divert water away from where the tyres meet the road surface in wet weather.

Here at Gold Coast Motorcycle Tyres & Mechanical, our team of experts can help you with any and all tyre needs.

We stock the largest range of motorcycle tyres for your everyday commuter, sport bike, cruiser, motocross, quad bike or scooter. Specialist trained staff are always up to date with all new releases by attending latest release promotions, seminars, track day testing and events. You can be sure the advice given for your bike and riding needs will be the best.

Our expert team can help pick the perfect tyres for you, taking into account your riding style, the climate, road conditions in your area, and every other factor that affects tyres, to make sure you have the perfect pair.

Once we’ve tracked down the perfect set of tyres for you, our skilled team can supply and fit these tyres to ensure you get the most out of them. Our specialised tyre fitting machine means we can even work with carbon fibre wheels!

We have been Queensland’s top seller of Pirelli Tyres for over 15 years, are an Authorised Pirelli Motorcycle Tyre Race Centre, a Michelin Super Stockist, and we have over a century of combined experience to call on when it comes to tyres.

We’re always happy to provide our fellow riders with advice, no sale pressure, no BS, just advice and info from someone who loves riding as much as you do.

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